March 28, 2020
Kontakt Small Business Luncheons


From 1995 to 2003, when I was the MLA for Regina Sherwood, I hosted 66 small business, 7 labour and 2 NGO luncheons. The venue for the luncheons was the Best Western Seven Oaks Inn and Guest Speakers normally featured a government Cabinet Minister.

The exceptions resulted from my personal interest in promoting the concept of a Regina-Moose Jaw Economic Development Corridor.  On 3 occasions, I was pleased to host the mayors of Regina and Moose Jaw to discuss this topic.  I was also very honoured to facilitate the visit of Mayor Pat Fiacco to Moose Jaw in March 2002 to address a special session of the Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce on this subject.

Since my political defeat in 2003, many former participants at these luncheons encouraged me to continue this tradition as a business networking initiative. From the autumn of 2005 to early 2007, I hosted another 7 Kontakt Small Business Luncheons.  Former Leader of the Opposition Brad Wall was most encouraging and obliging as the Guest Speaker at the first luncheon, see Past Luncheons.

Now that we have a new Saskatchewan Party government headed by Premier Brad Wall, a new series of Kontakt luncheons has been launched in April 2008 featuring Ministers of the new government as Guest Speakers.  It is hoped that this renewed effort will continue the tradition of these luncheons as being informative and interesting that allow networking opportunities for participants.

Lindy Kasperski