May 26, 2019
Kontakt Small Business Luncheons

Seventh KSBL

The seventh Kontakt Small Business Luncheon took place on Tuesday, January 9 (see Notice) with Guest Speaker Saskatoon Southeast MLA and Opposition Justice Critic Don Morgan.

Don presented an overview of the the Justice issues he has been addressing, among them:

  • The NDP promise in the 1999 election to recruit 200 more police officers. In 1999 the province had 1,930 officers and in 2006 we have 2.030 or only 50 percent more that what was promised.
  • Don also talked about the Opposition's determination to ensure drug-free prisons, work on job/skills training for about-to-be released prisoners and aggressively tackle the problem of youth gangs.

He also outlined the Opposition's support for initiatives in the following areas:

  1. Sex Offender Registry
  2. Automatic testing for police, correction's workers and others bitten on the job
  3. Safer communities resolution: an NDP government program that supported by the Opposition that will shut down drug houses and will go after proceeds of crime and criminal business enterprise. It puts some provincially paid police on the street that are accountable directly to the Dept of Justice
  4. Establishing a database to identify, monitor and assist children not in school. He pointed out that there are 1,500 children not attending school in Saskatoon. With a similar number in Regina and projecting this across the province as many as 5,000 children are not attending school.
For more information check Don's Website.