March 28, 2020
Kontakt Small Business Luncheons

JJ Nixdorf

JJ Nixdorf is a former student of the University of Regina in Canada, where he completed a B.Sc and M.Sc. in Computer Science. 

From an early age JJ has been involved in software development and web technologies.  At 16, he was commissioned to design a custom software program for his local high school (a program which was later used in several Saskatchewan high schools).  At 17, he competed in the Skills Canada national web-site design competition.  At 18, he received the Computer Science Award of Distinction from his local high school.  In fall 2003, while completing his under-graduate degree, he prepared and gave a variety of lunch seminars to the business community regarding many aspects of small business websites.  During his under-graduate degree he also was acting System Administrator for a local small business.

Although much of his professional experience has been in web-design and web-applications, JJ's education has focused around other areas.  He has done research in the fields of AI, computer graphics and computer audio (the topic of his graduate thesis).  Between April and October 2006, some of his research was presented at several conferences, including NIME2006 in Paris, France and ACM MM 2006 in Santa Barbara, California.

Though JJ is currently employed on the west coast by a large video-game developer and publisher he remains a valued consultant for Kontakt Consulting.